NUDRESS, pronounced nu(dress). "nu" is a 13th letter of the Greek alphabet, as well "NUD" stands for nude, in that relation to perfectly fit on the body, that you don't feel them and they stay as a second Luxury Skin.

NUDRESS is Established in 2019 and launched in Aug 2020, managed by women; a feminist conscious approach is embedded in our philosophy and values. We've set out to establish a fashion brand that empowers the women it caters to and the 100% of women leading its workforce. Every style is created from a sketch, every bead is hand placed, and every print is our own. Celebrate re-defining beauty into the new-age with NUDRESS.

We stand by our philosophy of eternal elegance and the pursuit of empowering women. NUDRESS is a brand dedicated to the authentic soul; we welcome you into our family in the hope that you share our love for slowly produced, culturally inspired, and hand-crafted designs.


Our vision is to establish NUDRESS as the leading online fashion retailer for women in the world. By offering great products and great service, we want to provide our customers with utmost satisfaction.

Born in the UAE

All of our products are made in UAE

720+ Orders

number of orders since launch in AUG 2020


Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind

Free shipping

Free domestic & International


We endeavor to source the finest materials for all our products. Throughout all our operations, from production to distribution, we’re constantly monitoring our impacts on the environment to ensure the most sustainable manufacturing process.


NUDRESS's made-to-order collections embrace the elegance of individual women With a focus on every day and casual items, each garment is cleverly constructed to radiate NUDRESS's signature silhouette, and can be altered to your perfect fit.


NUDRESS's couture collection for the wild and the wild at heart, each garment is limited to 10 items of each size; they are curated hand-crafted exuberant designs featuring rich textures ornate embellishments.


NUDRESS's ready-to-wear collection is a ready-made garments, sold in finished condition in standardized sizes, often without alteration


It is important that our precious NUDRESS community know that beautiful clothing shouldn’t cost the earth nor should it exploit makers. We build long-term relationships with our global partners and ensure they abide by a strict code of conduct and health and safety procedures.

In an effort to be a slow fashion brand we make the conscious decision to use as many natural resources as possible and ensure there is minimal waste, energy and water usage during production. 

We are forever always learning and finding new ways to make positive changes.